HydraDNS provides

enough Name Servers by each Domain Name,

and a differentiated DNS service that guarantees Domain Name security

with A-Alias that compensated CNAME's security issue.

Network Duplex Solution for
internet service stabilization, Smart Multi-Line

Smart Multi-Line service provides stable internet service connection with
multi-connection, which provides more than 2 connections
not to cut the internet service.

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Standard DNS Service

This service is suitable for individuals and small sized websites.

HydraDNS provides more stable service with HydraDNS's A-Alias record type, which strengthens more security sustaining the advantages of CNAME.

  • insert_chartBulk Modify Records
  • securitySecurity strengthened CNAME Record Type
  • phone1:1 Customer Support

Easy and Simple Bulk Modify Records, All at Once!

As number of records is increased, it is difficult to manage them efficiently.

Now you can manage unlimited number of records by few clicks only.

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Professional DNS Service

This DNS service is suitable for large-scale businesses and websites.

For Professional services, plenty of Name Servers are provided by each
domain name, and the records can be set detailed by area, time and so on.

Also, Professional services provide additional options can be used with,
so users can add as many domain names and records as they require.

  • location_onArea Setting
  • access_timeTime Load Balancing
  • dnsName Servers by Domain Names
  • playlist_addOptions