This professional product is suitable for large-scale busiess and website operation that is required detailed settings for domain names and DNS.

DNS Registration

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Area Setting

If queries are coming in from unexpected areas, that makes you pay extra cost and have time loss. To solve such problem, HydraDNS manages areas each differently by setting different response values by each area through records area setting function.

Time Load Balancing

We're living in a world where network can be accessed at any time and any where. This helps a lot for online business development, but it might be unhappy for some people who have to maintain their online service in real time. Even in the time when service access rate is decreased, allowing query access can disturb to efficient traffic management. Especially, when plenty of vicious queries are coming in at night because relatively queries are managed less at night, the service provider receives a lot of damages. In case of using service that charged cost based on traffic and time, such as IaaS or SaaS, the damage becomes much larger. HydraDNS's Time Load Balancing function can control query access time by each record. Of course, it is also able to set to split time for the same host. The service provider can have more flexible and elastic traffic management with Time Load Balancing function.

Name Servers by Domain Names

Usually 3-4 Name Servers are provided for each user. In this case, if there're small number of domain names, other name servers operate normally and there won't be a problem with sending DNS queries even if certain name server has a problem. However, if there're a lot of domain names, it can be a problem because the rest name servers are burdened for the problem occurred name servers. In the worst case, all name servers have a problem so that all domain name services can be stopped. HydraDNS provides 3-4 name servers by each domain name to avoid such situation. Even if there's a lot number of domain names and certain name servers have a problem, HydraDNS can safely operate other domain names that don't use the problem occurred name servers. Therefore, more reliable and stable service operation is available.


Professional service is customized product for customers who basically use a lot of domain names. You don't have to be worried even if the number of domain names and records provided for Professional service is not enough. HydraDNS provides optional products that customers can add domain names and records as many as they want.

What Professional service provides

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