This product is suitable for individuals and small sized website running because customers can use powerful DNS management features with low cost, and security strengthened record types.

DNS Registration

Bulk Records Management

It is quite cumbersome to manage a lot number of records one by one, which is registered to domain names. If there's a lot of domain names in use, the more time and inconvenience come with. To solve such problem, HydraDNS provides 'Bulk Modify Records' feature. If users have common changes to apply to the records of domain names in use, they can manage the domain names by only few clicks.

Security strengthened CNAME Record Type

CNAME is a record type that can connect several services when there's one IP address, or set alias to the domain address and increase convenience. However, CNAME has a weakness in security, which it cannot hide the original data. To make up for such weakness, HydraDNS created a special record type called A-Alias. A-Alias has powerful security performance that can hide the original data when searching DNS while maintaining CNAME's strength, so that it is able to run more stable service.

1:1 Customer Support

HydraDNS replies to customers via email or 1:1 Inquiry board when there's an issue in managing DNS or there's other inquiries. HydraDNS customer support team always tries its best to solve customers' issues fast and accurate.

What Standard service provides

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