Site Terms and Conditions

Agreement to the Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website ( provided by innogs Korea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, referred to as “Company”). Company provides site, service and contents to users (hereinafter, referred to as “Member” or “User”) according to the following provisions of “Site Terms and Conditions” (hereinafter, referred to as “Terms of Site Use”, “Terms and Conditions” or “Agreement”). It is considered that the user acknowledged that has read and agreed all the contents of this Terms of Site Use when the user visits this site. If user has an objection on this Agreement or would not intend to take the legal responsibility, the user must stop visiting and using this site.

Notification and Revision of Terms

Company may modify this Terms and Conditions in the range not violating related laws as it deems necessary, and Company notifies the revised Terms and Conditions immediately on the website. The changes of important regulations about users' rights and obligations are announced on the homepage prior to at least 7 days, and they are announced prior to 30 days if the revised contents may give disadvantages to users. It is members’ sole responsibility to visit website periodically to check any update of this Terms and Conditions while using this site because any changes in this Terms and Conditions carry legal binding force. Company is not liable for any loss of user that arise out of not be aware of the revised Terms.

Right to Restrict Access

Company can terminate or restrict user's site access or use without notification, at its sole discretion.

Priority of Terms and Conditions

For Company's service use, separate Terms and Conditions, such as DNS Service Terms and Conditions, Payment and Coin Terms and Conditions, etc., may be exist. If Terms of Site Use and each separate Terms and Conditions are contradicted, each separate Terms and Conditions will take the priority. Any matter not specified in this Agreement shall be subject to the separate Terms and Conditions and related statutes or business practices.


  1. Anyone who wishes to use Company’s service must sign up on the website. The sign-up request would be approved by Company when the applicant is over 14 and all the required information is submitted according to the sign-up form.
  2. For the applicant's sign-up application, Company makes it a rule to accept the service use. However, Company may reject the sign-up application or terminate sign-up approval afterwards if the application is conformed to any of followings:
    1. 1.If the applicant is disqualified membership in the past pursuant to this Terms and Conditions; however, if Company approved the applicant's re-application of sign-up, it will be an exception;
    2. 2.If the name the applicant provided is not real name or the applicant used other people's identity;
    3. 3.If the applicant provided false information or didn't submit the information Company requires;
    4. 4.If the applicant is under 14; and
    5. 5.If the sign-up request approval is not possible due to the user's cause, or it is requested violating other regulated matters.
  3. On the application in accordance with the section 1, Company may request real name verification and self-authentication through a professional organization, pursuant to the membership type.
  4. Company may withhold the approval of application if Company may not afford to have service related facilities or has a technical or business issues.
  5. If Company doesn't approve or it withhold the membership sign-up application in accordance with the section 2 and 4, Company shall notify this to the applicant in principle.
  6. The conclusion of this Terms and Conditions shall be at the time when Company indicates the completion of sign-up on the application procedure.

Privacy Protection

Company shall use its best efforts to protect users’ personal information pursuant to the applicable laws. For protecting users’ personal information, applicable laws and Privacy Policy defined by Company shall be applied.

Obligations of Member

Members shall not abuse service, software or contents Company provides, and following actions are prohibited:

  1. Registration of false or fraudulent information when applying for membership or change thereof;
  2. Identity or information theft of another person’s;
  3. Alteration of information posted by Company;
  4. Copy, modify, reuse or resell services, software or contents of Company;
  5. Sending or posting information (such as computer programs) other than what has been designated by Company;
  6. Infringement on the intellectual property (such as copyright) between Company and any other third parties;
  7. Taking any action defamatory of Company or any other third parties, or interrupt their business;
  8. Disclosing or posting such information that is against public order and good morals, such as illegal, harmful, abusive, slander, defamatory, vulgar, pornography, insult, invasion of privacy or any other abhorrent materials;
  9. Any and all actions that may be disrupted or will be disrupted to the stable operation of service, including but not limited to, attempt at incapacitating, damaging or destroying Company's site, service, software or hardware;
  10. Using the website for commercial purposes without the consent of the Company;
  11. Other unlawful or improper actions and/or in breach of applicable laws;
  12. Using any another member’s ID illegally;
  13. Other actions that Company judges as they are improper on its service operation.

Change to Member’s information

Members may view and modify their personal information at any time through personal information management page. If the information the member submitted for sign-up is changed, the member must modify the information online and all the responsibilities caused by not changing the information are on the member.

Obligation and Responsibility on Management of Member ID and Password

Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its login and account information, and for all consequences resulting from negligence in management or misuse of ID and password. If members become aware of any unauthorized use or appropriation of members' ID and/or password by any third party, it is required to notify Company immediately. Company is not liable for any losses resulting from failing to notify such facts to Company.

Withdrawal and Disqualification of Membership

  1. Members may request for withdrawal of membership at any time, and Company shall process on the request immediately in accordance with the applicable laws and then delete the member's personal information pursuant to the applicable laws and Privacy Policy. Company may restrict or suspend Members' qualification in the event that the member:
    1. 1.has registered false or fraudulent information when applying for membership;
    2. 2.threatens the use of e-commerce and telecommunication service, such as disrupting other people's service use or damaging other person's reputation or stealing the information;
    3. 3.disrupts operation of Company by modifying provided information, etc.;
    4. 4.conducts any activity prohibited by laws or this Terms or impede public order and morals;
    5. 5.does not log in continuously for more than one year.
  2. After Company has restricted or suspended member's qualification and service use, Company may disqualify the membership if the actions are repeated or the cause of actions is not resolved in 30 days.
  3. Company is not liable for any loss due to restriction and suspension of service use and disqualification of membership.

Transfer Prohibition

Members cannot transfer or give their rights of service use and other contractual status to other person, and all the responsibilities and rights, including copyright, of posts are on the member who posted this.

Belongingness of Copyright and Restriction on Use

Unless otherwise regulated in the Terms and Conditions, Company owns all the intellectual rights, including the copyright of Company's service and platform (such as copyright of computer software), patent, registered trademark or company name (trade name), design rights, right of database, knowhow, trade secret, confidential information, etc., or license, and being protected by copyright law, trademark law and other laws.

The right, qualification or interest in that content cannot be granted through use of the website, and user only has the right to review contents using general internet browser performing basic web browsing. Other uses such as duplication of site contents are strictly prohibited, and members cannot modify, reprint, retransmit, distribute, disperse, sell, publish, broadcast or disseminate such materials for the purpose other than non-commercial and personal use without the consent of Company.

Objection regarding Copyright

Company respects the intellectual property rights of others. Anyone who determines that Company has infringed on its copyright may report such infringement by forwarding such information as listed below to the official e-mail address of

  1. - Electronic or physical signature of a person who has been delegated with power of attorney from the holder of such copyright;
  2. - Details of contents alleged to be infringed on
  3. - Details of location on the Company website where alleged infringement of content can be found;
  4. - Address, telephone number and e-mail address of the applicant;
  5. - An affidavit that sincerely represents that contents which are the subject of contention are not used in the way permitted by the copyright holder, its agent or applicable law;
  6. - An affidavit is prepared subject to the fact that all information described in the notice is accurate, you are either copyright holder or delegated by the holder of copyright, and subject to be punished by perjury if the statement proves to be false.

Copyright for posts

  1. Copyright of the contents posted on the service page shall be attributable to the Member who posted such contents. If any of the posted contents infringes on a third party’s intellectual property rights, the member who has posted such content shall be held solely responsible for it, and the member shall use their best efforts to indemnify Company from any claims or damages arising thereof, and the member shall compensate for all the losses, in the event that Company is not indemnified.
  2. Company may not commercially use posted contents without the consent of the publisher, however, it reserves the right to post it in the service.
  3. Members shall not use, or allow any third party to use information acquired by using the service for commercial purposes, including processing or sales.
  4. Company may delete or reject to register contents or postings without any notice, if it determines that such contents are in breach of any policy set forth by the Company or any applicable laws.

Advertisement Running

Company may run advertisement in its site, service page, e-mail, etc. regarding to its service operation, and members shall agree with running advertisement exposed when using service. If a member uses, participates, communicates or transacts with posting ad, any issues arising out of this is a solely a matter between the member and the advertiser so Company is not liable for any losses or damages arising out of such case.

Disclaim of Guarantee

Company uses its best effort to post accurate up to date information on its site, however, does not state and guarantee on the information's accuracy. Company does not take any responsibility if any incorrect part (or unclear part) or omitted part regarding to the site's content exists.

The User is solely liable for any use of this website. Company or any third party participated in production or transmission of this website is not responsible for any direct, eventual, consequential, indirect or punitive damages. Any and all contents provided in this website shall be provided “as is”, without any, express or implied guarantee of any kind for merchantability, fitness for special purpose or non-infringement.

Site Link

This website may contain links to other websites operated by a third party other than Company. Such links are provided solely for reference purposes for the convenience of users, and Company has neither managed, nor is responsible for the content of such websites. Containing links to other websites does not imply to approve, support or recommend such websites.

Company will disclaim expressed or implied guarantee of any kind for accuracy, legality, reality or effectiveness, and will further disclaim the responsibility for loss, damage, claim, liability, arising out of a third party’s website or the contents accessed directly or indirectly through those links. In addition, members agree not to link their own site or any third party's site to Company's website without Company's express consent.

Restriction of Liability

Company is not liable for any loss due to materials or software, including, failure, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, or line failure caused by user's access or use for this site or linked site. Company assumes no responsibility if Company is culpable on some damage including special, indirect, incidental, ancillary, consequential or punitive damages caused by site's use availability and materials or software provided by the entire site, if Company has been noticed about the possibility of damage occurrence, or even if both event above is applied.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

All the legal issues regarding to site access and use are governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea. All disputes between Company and users are submitted to the Seoul Central District Court.


This Agreement shall be written in Korean and other languages (English, Chinese). If there is any contradiction between Korean and other language, Korean revision will take precedence over the other languages.

[Supplementary Provision]

This Agreement comes into effect from 13 August 2019.